iCloud Bypass DNS for Locked iPhone, iPad, and iPod

A locked iCloud is one of the worst things ever could happen for your iOS experience. But as long as you have iCloud Bypass DNS, you have a chance to get your Apple device back working. iCloud Bypass DNS is a reliable method for free to get with iCloud bypass with easiest approaches. It is one of the best iCloud unlocking methods to try giving another chance for your device to function. So here we go.

iCloud Bypass DNS free

What is iCloud Bypass DNS?

iCloud is Apple’s online storage system that connects all your data to a single place by keeping everything safe. And that is protected by a particular passcode together with your Apple ID. But if you lose any of the login details for any reason, you will be denied access to iCloud which restricts access through the device. So what can you do with no iCloud Activation Lock?

iCloud Bypass DNS is a perfect method you could have to unlock iCloud lock and get the device back working. It is a completely free iCloud Bypass method you could handle efficiently. So in case if you have forgotten login details to your Apple iCloud Drive or have missed collecting from the previous owner, there is no time to mess as iCloud Bypass DNS is ready to support.

How iCloud Bypass DNS works?

DNS stands for Domain Name System which could convert readable names into numerical IP addresses. It uses a DNS server that operates as a host to process the application. So if your Apple device is with iCloud lock, iCloud Bypass DNS is a perfect way to unlock the iCloud Activation. There it sends from the original Apple server to iCloud Bypass DNS server with full verification. And undoubtedly, iCloud Bypass DNS is no complicated at all in complete iCloud bypassing just in a few easy minutes.

It is perfectly easy. Even at the moment, you have no access to the iCloud iPhone by missing logins, you can use iCloud Bypass DNS to change the IP server path from the device’s WiFi settings. There will be no access for you to manually set up WiFi and change DNS here. And once DNS is activated, you will get access through various apps, use a camera, surf the internet and do more on the device.

Note: Before performing iCloud DNS Bypass, make sure that your device has a SIM card installed as it is necessary to complete the process.

DNS Server IP addresses


Europe :

Asia :

South America :

Australia and Oceania :

Step and Step Guide to DNS Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

  • Step 1: Choose country and language from the screen initially under iCloud Bypass DNS method
  • Step 2: Once done, you will get into the WiFi setting page on which you will be asking to connect to a WiFi network ( you should notice “I” symbol with the WiFi network. If you do not find it, press Home Button and continue to More WiFi Settings)
  • Step 3: Then, disconnect the WiFi network. Soon once you find “I” symbol, follow with that and continue to forget this Network option from Settings
  • Step 4: If done hit “I” and continue to put the correct DNS server to bypass iCloud Activation Lock (you should find the right server accordingly your location)
  • Step 5: By entering the iCloud Bypass DNS IP you need to select the “Back option” from the left side of the screen. Then turn on WiFi, choose the WiFi network from the presented list and continue with the particular passcode
  • Step 6: By now you will catch the option to the page “Next”. But make sure you click “Back” and get into the iCloud bypass screen
  • Step 7: Scroll down until you meet Menu and continue setting up apps, camera and more

Final words

iCloud Bypass DNS is easy to follow to get your device back working. So if you are troubled with losing your iCloud logins and no access through the device, this is a working method you should not miss. Give a try and get the device back working. It supports all the iOS devices on any firmware even including iOS 13 latest. So no doubt, no trouble for its connections and success as it is guaranteed.

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